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The best hotels for any destination

Because people around the world use Expedia to book their travels, we can gather the collective wisdom of millions of travellers around the world. Brining all this insight together with the expertise of our own hotel experts working daily with hoteliers around the world  we can bring you our combined selection of the world's top hotels: Expedia Insiders' Select.

Expedia Insiders' Select is an easy-to-browse list of the best hotels worldwide in terms of value and quality, as determined by our experts—and of course hundreds of thousands of travellers just like you.

We know that sometimes you're looking for a good hotel for business, on another, you might need something family – or even pet friendly – and sometimes you're just looking for luxury and pure indulgence. This year’s Insiders’ Select list enables you to find the top hotels for all these different needs.

What is Insiders' Select?

The Expedia Insiders' Select list is an annual award recognizing the very best hotels available in Expedia's global marketplace, as judged by the experiences of Expedia's customers.

Based on more than 500,000 guest reviews submitted annually by our travelers, these 650 hotels were designated the 2012 worldwide award recipients.

How do we do it?

Of the 150,000 hotels and resorts on Expedia, only 650 hotels are deemed Insiders' Select 2012. Eligible hotels were ranked with a numerical score. These scores are completely independent of advertisers and partners. Only the top hotels with the highest scores were chosen for the Insiders' Select list.

  1. Guest Reviews - Expedia is home to more guest reviews than any other online travel agency. In 2011 alone, our travelers submitted more than 500,000 new Guest Reviews of hotels across the globe. To ensure authenticity, Expedia verifies each Guest Review by confirming that the reviewer has stayed at the property within the past six months. To qualify for the honour of inclusion on the Expedia Insiders' Select list, a hotel had to have a minimum number of reviews in 2011.
  2. Value - We systematically compared hotels and resorts to nearby properties with similar star ratings and amenities in order to determine the best value for your money.
  3. Expedia Hotel Expert Input - We have an extensive network of hundreds of experts in top destinations worldwide, who provided their insight and firsthand knowledge of their destination's best hotels.

So who's at the top?

1.       Marrol’s Boutique Hotel - Bratislava, Slovakia

2.       Hotel Al Codega - Venice, Italy

3.       Hotel Royal Corin - Costa Rica

4.       Hilton Garden Inn Aberdeen -  Scotland, UK

5.       Four Seasons Miami  - Miami, USA

6.       Madison Hotel Hamburg - Germany

7.       Element Omaha Midtown Crossing - Omaha, USA

8.       Sonnenalp Resort of Vail - Vail, USA

9.       Taj Lands End - Mumbai, India

10.   Mr. C Beverly Hills - Los Angeles, USA

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