Expedia.ie reveals the results of the Flip Flop Report 2013

Irish join the Brits in rating holiday boozing as more important than any other Europeans, while we fear Speedos and nudity on the beach

Expedia.ie reveal beach holiday habits of the Irish as part of their Flip Flop Report 2013

Over a third (34%) of Irish rate boozing as critically important while on holiday, ahead of all Europeans but the Brits, according to the Expedia Flip Flop Report 2013, a survey of 8606 adults across 21 countries around the world.

While the availability of alcohol was considered crucial, over three quarters of Irish rate the price of a beach holiday as the most important aspect of their trip, a figure significantly higher than any other EU nation. Looking ahead, the majority of Irish (61%) intend to spend between €750 and €2,300 on their next beach holiday.

However it’s not all bad news when it comes to our holiday habits. The Irish rated significantly higher than all other Europeans for participation in sports while on holiday, in almost every category from walking and jogging to surfing and playing football.

Sadly though, we proved to be the nation least likely to use their beach holiday as a chance to improve foreign language skills, with just over a third making any attempt to learn some of the local language. This result scored significantly lower than every other EU country, including the UK, where over half claim to learn some of the local language.

The Irish were also revealed to carry the burden of an unusual holiday fear – that of the Speedo bathing suit! Over a quarter (41%) of us believe they should be banished from the beach altogether, but this is unlikely to come to pass, as a fifth of German men love strutting their stuff in Speedos on the beach.

In fact our fear of Speedos on the beach extends to nudity in general. Over two thirds (67%) of Irish women have never gone topless or nude on the beach and over a third (37%) insist they never will. This is in contrast to our more liberal continental cousins, such as the Danish, where 40% of women will happily strip off on the beach. Over half (53%) of the modest Irish would also never post pictures of themselves in their swimwear on social media sites like Facebook.

However our morals don’t always live up to our actions. Over a third (34%) of Irish have taken pictures on holidays that they would be embarrassed to show others back home, a guilt rating higher than any other EU nation!

And we’re not the only ones with quirky beach holiday habits. Here are some from around the globe:

  • Indian beachgoers were most likely to spend their time on the beach making sand castles (51%)
  • Singaporean beachgoers are most afraid of sharks (85%), with 41% refusing to swim as a result
  • Germans are most likely to sunbathe nude with a full 17% (the highest percentage) admitting to having gone naked at the beach vs. a global average of 7%
  • The Brazilians and Germans were also those most likely to be sporting a pair of speedos (the beach attire of choice for 22% and 21%)

Andy Washington, Managing Director of Expedia UK & Ireland, said, “The results from Expedia's global survey Flip Flop Report 2013 is a good example of how different cultures can be from country to country.It’s these many small cultural differences that make travel so interesting and give us the best stories to come home with, but it’s always useful to start with a few tips to stop putting your foot in it on your first day so throughout the Summer Expedia will be giving useful tips and sharing quirky facts about your holiday destination on Facebook and inviting our Facebook fans to share theirs too”

Expedia has just launched a new app to help Facebook fans to share their quirky local insights as part of its Travel Yourself Interesting campaign. To find out more visit www.facebook.com/Expedia.ie

Money saving tips

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  4. Business hotels are often cheaper at weekends when business travellers are at home, so it’s worth comparing the rates for business hotels and non-business hotels to see if you will get a better deal for a weekend by staying in a business hotel – this also often means the facilities like swimming pools and restaurants will be less crowded.
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