Expedia's Money Saving Tips

  1. To be the first to hear about the latest deals and special offers, subscribe to company emails and fan their Facebook deals.
  2. Fly early – early morning flights are often cheaper and there are fewer chances of delays, but it might not be worth it if it means you arrive exhausted and can’t really enjoy your first day so it’s often worth staying in an airport hotel the night before. Airport hotels often offer very competitive rates and significant discounts on their usual rates outside of peak times, so it can still be cheaper to book an extra hotel night rather than fly a few hours later.
  3. Book together and save – last year Expedia.ie customers saved over €130 on average, just by booking their hotel and flight together. What’s more, booking 2 significant parts of your trip together also means that you are covered by EU package regulations so the travel agent has an obligation to offer added support and protection in cases such as airline bankruptcy.
  4. Business hotels are often cheaper at weekends when business travellers are at home, so it’s worth comparing the rates for business hotels and non-business hotels to see if you will get a better deal for a weekend by staying in a business hotel – this also often means the facilities like swimming pools and restaurants will be less crowded.
  5. Many carriers do impose weekend surcharges particularly for long haul flights, so it is often cheaper to leave Mon-Wed rather than Thur-Sun. For short haul destinations if you can avoid weekend flights (e.g. departing Friday afternoon and Sunday evening) then you are generally more likely to get a better deal. In the vast majority of cases flights go up rather than down so when it comes to flights, don’t wait until the last minute to book.