Located in the Nevada Desert, Las Vegas is the perfect destination for all year round entertainment. But, it's not just the casinos that will get your heart racing! Vegas has all sorts of exciting and thrilling adventures on offer including; the nightlife, shopping or a trip to see the heart of the desert. So with all the bright lights, bustling bars and tourists, what does the ‘real’ Vegas have to offer?

At Expedia, the Las Vegas destination experts offer their insider tips on making the most of ‘Sin City’:

Vegas has a huge choice of restaurants and bars. Try Bouchon for French bistro style cuisine;  Cut by Wolgang Puck for what is said to be one of the top three steakhouses in America; or, for something totally different, Switch at Encore steak restaurant "switches" the walls and ceiling every twenty minutes. For cheap eats, visit Strip Burger, Courtyard Grill at Fitzgerald’s or one of the food courts inside several hotels on the strip.

  1. To try and spot a celebrity, the best celeb hangouts in Vegas include: Pure, Tao, Marquee, The Cosmopolitan and DRAIS. Visit afterhours to catch a glimpse of the hottest celebs on a night out
  2. Avoid the queues and save money by booking ahead – for a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, a 3-Wheel Scootercar Tour of Red Rock Canyon or a Pink Jeep tour of the Colorado River and Hoover Dam, book at
  3. Taxis can only pick up from hotels and key venues so don’t try to hail a cab on the street – true Vegas insiders request the cabs take the street parallel to the strip to get to their destination faster
  4. Need for speed? Go off-road Sand Buggying in the desert’s extreme terrain!



Vegas is a hot-spot all year round and the nightlife tends to pick up around 9pm – the Marquee at the Cosmopolitan is the newest hot spot on a night out and other must-sees include: TaoTao at the Venetian, MiX at Mandalay Bay for the best view of Vegas, Carnaval Bar and Lavo – and don’t forget to dress up for a night out!

  1. Visit the casinos in the early-morning hours to avoid the crowds and play without the pressure of too many spectators. New players should aim for 2am to 7am on weekdays, which is the quietest time
  2. When visiting on a budget, make the most of the free drinks (and free cigars!) offered in casinos and play a round of video poker at the hotel bar before heading out to the club to gamble a little without breaking the bank
  3. The usual tipping amount in restaurants is 20% and it is recommended to tip the cocktail waitress, casino dealer, housekeeping and doormen. It is also acceptable to tip with casino chips
  4. You can find cheaper drinks if you head to the bars and hotels that are located off the Strip, such as Frankie’s Tiki, the Downtown Cocktail Room and the German beer garden Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas – plus, you’ll be able to escape the tourists and mingle with the locals. The old glamour of downtown Vegas is also a quick cab ride away and Firefly is a reasonable restaurant with good tapas.