Holidate Q&A

Q&A for the Holidate

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: At Expedia we believe that travel plays a key role in relationships. Many of us have met partners through travel, our shared experiences of a destination have brought us together; our holidays have given us the chance to escape our routine, meet new people or to spend quality time with the people that matter most to us. We think having something in common gives you something to talk about. We think that taking the pressure off tends to make you open to new opportunities. So what better way to date than when you’re doing something together on a holiday?

Whether it’s meeting a new romance whilst on holiday, travelling on your first trip together, the proposal, the wedding or even the anniversary, travel plays a role in our love lives. We want to test just how big this role is through the form of a social experiment comparing a traditional date and our “Holidate” approach. We’ll also be looking at how quickly your first impressions are formed in a speed date style date on a flight

Q: Where are we going?
A: We’ll be jetting off for an afternoon in Venice!

Q: What exactly does the Holidate entail?
A: There are many parts to the Holidate:

1. The traditional date
We’ve all been there, the traditional “let’s meet up for a drink”. We’ve got a romantic (airport hotel) bar where you’ll meet other singletons over a drink to find out more about each other. We will set you up with three eligible singletons we think you’ll get on with based on what you’ve told us so far.

2. The flight to Venice!
We’ve chartered a flight to Venice and following a welcome cocktail we’ll be running a speed date style date looking at how quickly you make decisions about whether or not you’re attracted to someone. Research suggests we make judgements on attraction in anything from 3 seconds to a few minutes, so we’re giving you 3 minutes to meet 20 other singletons on the flight. Think of it as speed dating, but with a high-altitude twist!

3. A romantic lunch
Following the flight you’ll be taken (on private speedboats, no less!) to a top romantic restaurant in the heart of Venice. Here you’ll get a five course lunch and get to talk with other singletons.

4. Activity:
In your questionnaire you told us what sort of activity you prefer whilst on holiday. You will be taking part in either an arts-based, water-based or wine-based activity in order to find out more about your dates and see if doing something whilst travelling together increases the chance of romance

5. Flight back
Don’t worry, on the flight back you’ll be able to relax and catch up with others about how their day has been. We’ll be doing some more filming to capture what you thought and once we land back at London Luton the Holidate is over for the day. Hopefully it will continue with someone you’ve fallen madly in love with…

6. Flights
We leave Dublin Airport, Terminal 2 on a 2.40pm flight for Luton. We have organised a hotel room for the nights of the 18th and 19th in Luton. You will return to Dublin Airport on an 11.05am flight from Luton Airport on the morning of the 20th.

Q: Who will I meet on the Holidate?
A: You will meet other likeminded Irish and other European singletons who want to take part in an exciting adventure to Venice and back all in the name of travel and love.

Q: Will you be offering the Holidate again?
A: Expedia is looking into offering the Holidate in the future.

Q: When will we receive full details about the Holidate?
A: By 11th June, you will receive the terms and conditions and will need to re-confirm your agreement and attendance on the 11th June.
On 14th June, we will be sending you a full checklist of things to bring for the event and a reminder to make sure you have travel insurance and to ensure that other important documents are in order.

Q: What happens if I don’t find love on the Holidate?
A: We believe that the experiences travel offers and the stories it gives you helps to make you a more confident and interesting person. We think that being removed from your everyday routine in a relaxed environment means you’re more open to finding love whilst on a trip together. However try as we might to find suitable matches for everyone, we cannot guarantee that everyone will find love on the Holidate, but we hope at least it will give you something interesting to talk about on your next date!

Q: Where do I need to be and at what time?
A: We will leave Heathrow Airport and travel by mini bus to the Hampton by Hilton (42-50 Kimpton Road, Luton, LU2 0NB). We will then meet the rest of the group at the reception desk at 6pm on Tuesday 18th June. You will be accompanied by a representative of Expedia, Ellen Ryan. If you become separate en route to the hotel, please call Ellen on 00353861799204.
On the 19th, you will need to be ready to leave in the reception of the Hampton by Hilton at 6am so please make sure you get an early night. We’ll be wrapping up the activities on the 18th by 9:30pm so you can get a good night’s sleep ready for a full day of dating on 19th.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Not much! Please ensure your bag will fit in carry-on luggage only as we will not be checking on luggage. Please also bring clothes for walking around Venice (you can check the weather here http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/Venice+Italy+ITXX0085). Keep in mind that the streets are old and you will be crossing bridges and jumping in and out of boats so, best to leave the stilettos at home girls! We suggest you dress for a day of active sightseeing. We hope that the weather will be lovely, but it’s still worth packing a jumper or jacket. Don’t forget to bring any chargers etc so you can take photos, tweet etc.
Formal or smart clothes are not required on either the 18th or 19th June. We want you to be yourself and be comfortable. The hotel offers shampoo and conditioner in all the rooms. Our teams will bring some sun tan lotion as there will be a few hours in the sun, but if you have any allergies or skin sensitivity, please bring your own. You will be able to leave an overnight bag in Luton so that you are just taking a small handbag/ laptop sized case on the flight. Please keep in mind that all the usual rules about liquids apply, so please bring a clear plastic bag and no liquids over 100 ml will be allowed on the flight.

Q: What time will I land back in Dublin?
A: The scheduled arrival time to London Luton is 12.20. You will then be able to travel home.

Q: How long does the event last?
A: You will need to be at the Hampton by Hilton at Luton Airport at 6pm on Tuesday the 18th of June. The day trip will require the full day on the 19th of June and you will land at Luton airport at 8pm on that day and will be free from there.

Q: Will I have to pay for the Holidate?
A: You are responsible for travel to and from Dublin Airport. Apart from that you will not face any further costs for the event. We will be providing food and drink throughout to a sensible level, so if you wish to buy anything extra additional drinks during the event – or to treat your date to something extra, don’t forget to bring some extra cash (you’ll need £ for the first night and € for the date itself.)

Q: What happens if I fall ill during the Holidate?
A: We hope that you will fall in love, not ill during the Holidate. If, however, you do fall ill we will make every attempt to ensure you are looked after. The return journey time is fixed as we have chartered a flight, but we will do everything in our power to look after you and to help you get back to the UK if you are not able to make the return charter flight time. So that you can draw on all the resources you would wish to, we are stipulating that everyone attending should have travel insurance is so that you.

Q: Do I have to take part in the activity part?
A: Yes please. The activity is an important part of the Holidate as we want to find out whether doing something together whilst travelling impacts your chances of falling in love. If you aren’t happy with the activity we have allocated to you we will make every endeavour to try and accommodate you.

Q: What if I have any allergies?
A: Please inform us if you have any allergies or dietary requirements prior to the Holidate so that we can be sure to accommodate you throughout.

Q: Why is the Holidate being filmed?
A: The Holidate is part of a media campaign for Expedia and the film will be used within the press and on social media. You will need to sign a release form to give us your permission to use the film.

Q: Where will the film and photos be used?
A: The film and photos will be used within European media and will be shared with the partners who have helped to organise the event and may be shared on their social media pages and websites.




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